LXNDO. x Dirocco Eyewear

only 25 pieces have been made

Each box and case is signed, numbered and painted by the racer himself


LXNDO and Dirocco Eyewear team up to bring you a signed limited edition piece. The original @thesuitedracer frame; the MGG. Only 25 pieces have been made. Each box is signed, numbered and painted by the racer himself. Comes with Certificate of Authenticity.

“Why the X’s? X’s are the universal sign of rejection. Rejection can be your biggest asset if you tackle it correctly. If you’re like me, and feel like the stone that the builder refused, make rejection your ally and you’ll be unstoppable.”

In case you missed it, our Taming Carbon Collection is the first full frame eyewear in the world to be built in 100% high-grade Italian carbon fiber; making it nearly 40x stronger than conventional cellulose acetate. The MGG FINE PIECE features an 18k Rose Gold plated Titanium nose bridge.

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