It’s hard to believe that it was only just last season when I was sitting in my office compiling a ‘must-visit’ travel list & Greece was number one; and then I heard about Il Borro.

Established more than one thousand years ago, Il borrow has ancient and mysterious origins, now lost in the mist of time. Perhaps the Etruscans founded the settlement, but there is no concrete evidence to support this thesis. What is certain is that Il Borro was a lookout point on the Roman road Cassia, and that they built a fort there, presumably due to its strategic location.

Records show that the Mascagni family owned the castle until 1254, when Marchese Borro Borri, a Milanese nobleman, bought the property. He later became the Mayor of Arezzo. By 1512, the property had passed through his family to Girolamo del Borro, philosopher and scientist, and lover of oriental culture. But it was under the patronage of his son Alessandro, that the Il Borro we know today was established. Alessandro dal Borro, visionary and an important figure in Tuscan politics, is the true “father’ of Il Borro.

The Il Borro family eventually sold the domain and were succeeded by some of the most famous and revered families in Europe: the Medici of Florence, Tornaquinci, the Torriani of Milan, the house of Waldenburg Hohenlohe, and Ferragamo bought Il Borro, determined to restore the estate to its former glory.